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After I write the last page of the day, I ask myself one question. Am I telling a good story? My novels have been described as dark and fast. I don’t remember making the conscious decision to set out creating those types of books. The genre is decided when I finish, not when I start.
There is always a mystical moment during the process when the characters I create take over the story. They begin to tell me where they want to go, how they want to get there, and what they’re going to do when they arrive. I never want to tell you their story. I want to show you.

Our Story

My name is on the front of the novels, but there are more names that live within every page I create. It’s the reason why this will never be my story about how I publish novels. It will always be our story.

The journey started several years ago while I was still working with a rescue helicopter service. I went to visit my longtime friend Gordon

Wulff with a headful of ideas and the beginnings of a story. Sitting on his deck on a chilly fall evening, having a chilly cocktail, I let him read the first chapter of Dragonflies and Snowflakes. I impatiently waited for his response. Three novels later, I still remember the look on his face when he finished reading my story. All it took was for one person to believe in me. Just one. … keep reading.


There are many reasons why I write, but none more powerful than wanting to connect with you through my stories. There are few things I enjoy more than engaging with readers who are interested in my work, in the process of creating, or those who simply want to know more about where it all comes from.
Writing is mostly a solitary endeavor. It requires discipline, tenacity, and perseverance to transform thoughts into books. When I finish, I’m excited to know what you thought, what you experienced, but most importantly, what you felt. All of that information helps me decide where I want to take you next. You’re the reason why I’m living my dream. Thank you is inadequate.
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EE Borton author Atlanta Georgia
EE Borton author Atlanta Georgia

EE Borton author Atlanta Georgia
EE Borton author Atlanta Georgia
EE Borton author Atlanta Georgia


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